The current job market in Malawi only absorbs a small fraction of the youth. This problem is even more challenging for early school dropouts and particularly for peri-urban youth. Young people in peri-urban zones are disproportionately affected by challenges in the labor market compared to adults and youth from urban zones.

Studies on youth in peri-urban zones in Malawi have highlighted key barriers to socio-economic advancement. Namely, low secondary school completion rates, addiction to drugs and alcohol, engagement in sex work, and a high risk of being a victim of abuse and acute poverty. Peri-urban youth also identified limited access to information, barriers in accessing education, lack of skill, business management knowledge and access to start-up capital and access to markets and business networks as barriers to finding gainful employment and thriving as entrepreneurs.


We train young dropouts to develop self-awareness, human rights and marketable skills through entrepreneurship or employment tract.


We support unprivileged youth by financing through a loan scheme, savings groups, access to markets, learning partnerships and mentorship.


We empower vulnerable young people to create self-employment through vocational training or boost capacity to access employment opportunities.

Tingathe Training Program (TTP)

TTP has been designed to prepare out of school youth in Mtandile, Lilongwe, Malawi for a productive community life. The mission is to equip youth who were unable to complete secondary school or have completed secondary school but are unemployed with marketable skills to start enterprises or find employment and thrive in the employment market.

TTP has engaged over 160 youth between the ages of 18 and 30 since the commencement of the program in 2016 who have limited access to alternative livelihood opportunities. The 7-to-12-month training courses are divided into Entrepreneurship Tract and Employment Tract.

Knowledge courses include Computer Literacy, Financial Literacy, Business Management, Personal & Community Leadership, Sexual & Reproductive Health, Human Rights & Responsibilities, and Yoga and Light Capoeira.

Entrepreneurship Tract

  • Agri-Business
  • Carpentry & Joinery
  • Creative Painting
  • Fashion & Design
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Beauticianry
  • Bricklaying

Employment Tract

  • Hospitality Management
  • Service Management

Jeremiah - Class of 2018


Tingathe Champion!

Jeremiah - Class of 2018

When we met Jeremiah in 2016 he was out of work and the primary bread winner for his family. His mother is wheelchair bound and he was earning less than MK 5000 a month. Jeremiah got involved with some unsavory people and his life was spinning out of control. He was battling addiction and involved with a gang.

He enrolled in the Tingathe training programme under our Hospitality and Service Management course. Today Jeremiah works at Madidi Lodge, he has increased his income by more than 200%is able to provide for his family and take care of his needs. He has a plan to continue learning and one day open his own chain of food trucks. Through our personal leadership course Jeremiah has made different choices about his lifestyle and now has more control over his life and has overcome his addictions.

Jeremiah - Class of 2018


Tingathe Champion!

Rose - Class of 2018

When we met Rose in 2016 she was a young lady who knew she had a gift with her hands but didn't know where to start. A mother and stay at home mother Rose sold vegetables and the family struggled to survive. Rose enrolled in the Tingathe Arts and Crafts programme with trainer Aaron Charles. Today Rose makes absolutely everything in the most creative and beautiful way possible. She has more then quadrupled her income and has hired her husband as a sales person. She has a crafts shop in Old Town and sells her products at two other shops.

We at Tingathe are honored to know Rose. We don't give people skills. At Tingathe we hone talent by giving people time and space to call on the power they have within them. We are deliberate about supporting young talent by providing training opportunities that hone skills and give young people the business cutting edge with financial literacy and business management training.

Our Partner


One World Children's Fund believes that the most effective way to create more opportunities for children around the world to thrive is to invest locally in the community led organizations who know those children best.

Your Organization?

Your organization can be one of our partners who empowers young people and makes the world more inclusive and better.

How can I help?

You can help by being one of our Angel volunteers who mentor youth students and participate in TTP.


What do I need?

What you need is your passion to help community in need and your excitment to spend time with youth students.


How can I make donation?

You can make a donation through our partner site at One World Children's Fund to help Tingathe keep running TTP.


Helping 20 Young People$200

This can help us to reach out to 20 young people from peri-urban areas every week who are victims of abuse and exploitation and/or are struggling with addiction.

Early Childcare for 150 Children (Ages 2-6)$500

This can help us ensure that 150 children from ages 2-6 can be kept safe, fed and learn in a conducive environment at the Mtandile ECD (Early childhood development) centre while their parents go to work.

1 Year of Vocational Training for 1 Young Person$1000

Can help a young person complete 12 months of holistic vocational training and get an accredited certificate that gives them access to employment and seed loans to earn a living.

Sarah Lindeire

Sarah Lindeire

Co-Founder and Executive Director

She received an award from Women Deliver as the 86th most influential woman in the world in 2011 at the age of 21. Sarah is a patriotic visionary who believes that the booming youth population in Malawi is an opportunity to mobilize all youth to adopt an ‘All hands on deck” attitude and way of functioning towards steering Malawi and individual young people towards thriving socio economically.

Aubrey Lindeire

Aubrey Lindeire

Programs Manager

He did his tertiary education at Mzuzu University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Education) degree. He has previously worked for the British Council Malawi, the African Bible College and consulted for several UN agencies locally and presently working with Tingathe as Programs Director.

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