TTP 2022-23 Classes Commence

Classes for the 2022-23 Tingathe Training Program (TTP) have started in our Mtandire and Kauma Community Centres.

Students have started the classes with a topic of ‘I CAN ATTIDUDE’ which is under Leadership and Entrepreneurship. In this topic students are being taught that as youth they face numerous challenges in life. Some of these challenges make them think that they cannot do better in life. The challenges plant a negative attitude in their minds and hearts.

This is why Tingathe thought it wise to incorporate this topic in one of our modules of Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Today our trainers Ezekiel Mpina and Charles Zimunya have taught the students the importance of a positive attitude towards life. The students have been taught that some of the challenges they face in life can be converted into opportunities but it will all depend on their attitude.

Having a positive attitude is like having a master key that allows one to open any door that lead to success.

We wish all the TTP students good luck in their studies.