Meet Ellen Palanjeta

Ellen Palanjeta is an alumnus of the Azimai Tingathe Geni (ATG) Program in Mtandire. After graduating from the program in 2020, she collected a loan from one of the Village Savings Loan Association (VSLA) groups formed by Tingathe. VSLA is one of the integral parts of the ATG Program. The loan gave Ellen courage to start a business of selling pots and cosmetic products.

With money from her business, Ellen is building a house. Apart from that, she pays school fees for her children, feeds her family and she managed to raise money that supported her husband to go to a tailoring school. Currently, Ellen’s husband is a tailor and he owns a workshop in Mtandire. This workshop has become another source of income to the family.

Ellen is a happy woman and she is grateful to Tingathe for supporting her with business skills that have changed her life positively. She hopes to continue doing good and develop her community.

Tingathe met Ellen during one of our site visits to Mtandire Area. As an organization that puts the well-being of women at heart, we conduct regular site visits to our catchment areas in order to strengthen our relationship with ATG alumni. Site visits provide an opportunity for us to measure the progress of each individual woman’s business and to work hand in hand with them to generate new ideas.

ATG is a program that targets women and girls aged between 16 to 40 years who reside in peri urban communities of Mtandile, Kauma, Mtsiliza and Piyasani. The program aims to equip women with knowledge on business management, life skills and soft skills to enable them to thrive as entrepreneurs and integral partners in community development.