Tingathe visits Dzaleka Refugee Camp

On July 15, Tingathe visited Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa where it had a meeting with MUTU Youth Organization: An organization that promotes social cohesion between refugees and the host community. According to the Country Director of MUTU, Ntabe Mugalihya, their organization looks at the welfare of widows, teen mothers, children and youth within the camp. One of their main aims is to help people discover the value of themselves and how to use the potential of humanity.

The organization has programs such as Wetu Program, which empowers women with skills that help them become self-reliant. Apart from that, it has another program: The Tingathe Languages Program which targets the youth. This program aims to equip young people with skills in different languages such as French, Chichewa, Swahili and English. The organization believes this will promote development in the camp and beyond.

One interesting thing about MUTU Organization is that it named its main centre; Tingathe after the Tingathe Organization. According to Mugalihya, they thought of naming their centre; Tingathe because they were inspired with what Tingathe Organization does.

Tingathe visited MUTU Organization as one way of celebrating the World Youth Skills Day which is celebrated on July 15th every year. As an organization that empowers and provides vocational skills to youth in Malawi, Tingathe thought it wise to celebrate the day by visiting the organization in order to appreciate some of the good works it is doing in the camp.

In her speech, the Executive Director of Tingathe Sarah Lindeire encouraged the leadership of MUTU Organization to continue doing things that will add value to people in the camp.

Currently, MUTU Organization is taking care of over 450 women.